Emerging artist showcase

Discover the future of photography at our annual early career artist showcase! Join us for floor talks with emerging talents from the ACT and region as they discuss their innovative works in photo-media practice. Engage with the artists, hear about their future aspirations, and delve into diverse photographic techniques and mediums.

Participating Artists

Juncture Collective – Critical Technology
Sophie & Emily discuss the socio-political effects of emerging tech, focusing on labor, value, and ethics in generative AI, and ethical innovation practices.

Rose Hartley – Framed
Rose offers insights into “Framed,” exploring the interplay between individuals and their environments and how they mutually influence each other.

Caleb Arcifa – Demonstration
Caleb presents a live demonstration in the gallery space of blending sound with analogue photography, detailing the technical and creative processes.

Emma Phillips – AI and Visual Representation
Emma examines AI’s role in art and visual representation, discussing biases in AIgenerated images and the impact of Western tech dominance on stereotyping.

When and Where

The floor talks will be happening from 12-1pm Saturday March 2nd 2024

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