VIEW2024 Catalogue

VIEW 2024 exhibition catalogue


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VIEW2024 Catalogue

Explore the world of contemporary photography with the VIEW2024 Catalogue, a compelling documentation of the 2024 annual exhibition by photo access. Immerse yourself in this thoughtfully curated collection, featuring the latest ideas and concepts from emerging photographic artists in the Canberra region and beyond.

Inside the catalogue, you’ll find striking images accompanied by the insightful texts of Denise Thwaites. These catalogue texts offer ekphrastic responses to the exhibited works, constructing imaginative worlds and portraying individuals within their environments. The text also engages in a meaningful dialogue with current cultural trends, showcasing the embrace of experimental processes facilitated by technological advancements.

As we contemplate the future of the photographic medium, VIEW2024 prompts a revisit to its history and origins. This catalogue invites you to explore the intersection of tradition and technology, providing a unique perspective on visual gratification in the modern era.

Add the VIEW2024 Catalogue to your collection today and own a piece of this artistic exploration. Don’t miss out – purchase your copy now and delve into the diverse expressions of contemporary photography. All proceeds go to funding photo access’s diverse program of exhibitions, workshops and community projects.