Professional Services

The Canberra region’s longest running and friendliest film lab, offering a full service for all your analogue and digital film needs, including B&W and colour film developing, scanning and printing.

Film Processing

Once you have captured your photographs on film, let us guide you through the process from start to finish. First, we develop your film in our darkroom using traditional photosensitive chemicals, producing a strip of negative film. Next, we carefully scan your negatives with our professional-grade equipment, transforming them into crisp digital images. And for those who love the tangible feel of photographs, we also offer classic 6×4 prints. Simply drop off your film at our lab or one of our convenient drop boxes. Fill out our envelopes with your details, and when your negatives are ready, swing by for pickup. Stay seamlessly connected to your memories by receiving a link to your digital scans directly in your email inbox.

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Develop only – $15

Scan only – $15

Develop & Scan – $30

prices are set per roll

Digital Printing

Beyond film development and scanning, photo access offers a range of digital printing services to bring your images to life. Whether it’s standard 6×4 size or fine art inkjet prints up to A2, we ensure quality and attention to detail. Trust us to transform your images into beautiful physical prints, ready to be admired and appreciated.

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Standard Digital Prints

Roll of 24 – $12

Roll of 36 – $15


Please get in touch via phone or email if you have custom print requirements.



Darkroom Prints

Our skilled artisans produce silver gelatin-based black and white prints by hand, right here in our darkroom. Using fibre or multigrade paper, each print is meticulously crafted to create a timeless and beautiful aesthetic object. Elevate your analogue photography with our darkroom print service.

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Silver Gelatin Black & White photographic prints

Please get in touch via phone or email for pricing




We offer a comprehensive digitisation service to help you preserve your valuable memories and documents. Whether it’s old photographs, projection slides, film negatives, or important documents needing digital preservation, we’ve got you covered. Our expert team ensures meticulous digitisation with precision and care, providing you with accessible digital copies for lasting preservation.

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Please get in touch via phone or email for pricing