On March 27th, a two-hour session was held to teach participants how to shoot film, tailored for budding photographers. The event was presented in partnership with the esteemed photo access Film Lab and welcomed both SLR and disposable camera users. It provided essential insights tailored for beginners, serving as an excellent opportunity to demystify the art of capturing memorable moments on analog film.

Throughout the session, attendees learned the fundamentals of metering, were introduced to key principles for exposing negative film, and explored the use of flash to enhance their shots. The session also delved into disposable cameras, offering tips for achieving better results and exploring creative possibilities. Every aspect of the event was designed to cater to beginners, covering topics such as understanding film advance spacing, caring for film, and navigating expired film.

The event served as a valuable archive for those who attended, offering a comprehensive overview of film photography basics in just two hours.

We endeavour to run this course in the latter half of 2024 so keep an eye out!

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Multiple photographs of a girl standing in front of a red wall, each photograph gets darker and grainier to show different aperture exposures.

How to Shoot Film

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