Explore Photography

Are you looking for a creative photography experience for your school or community? Or perhaps a teacher development session? Give us a call to discuss tailoring any of the below courses to suit your class or group, or invite us to develop a bespoke workshop at your place or ours.

Cyanotyping is one of the earliest photographic processes. This highly accessible process is a great way for beginning photographers to grasp the possibilities of ‘painting with light’, or for more experienced artists to experiment with camera-less image-making. Using non-toxic chemicals, participants coat paper in a light-sensitive emulsion, create images with objects and expose their prints to the sun to make brilliant Prussian-blue images.This workshop is suitable for all ages, and can be delivered as a two-hour ‘taster’ or form part of a multi-week ‘Alternative Processes’ course.

Enabling you to discover the alchemy of black and white darkroom photography, this workshop can be delivered as a one-day intensive, a six-week experience or a term-long course. Participants learn how to use 35mm film cameras, develop a visual concept, shoot pictures, hand-develop negatives and create black and white prints (or some portion of these skills depending on workshop length). This workshop, usually held in the PhotoAccess darkroom, is a proven foundation for further darkroom study or for grasping the essential elements of digital photography and photo-processing.

From 19th century natural history to the 1980s punk scene, artists have produced photobooks to add context and narrative to their work. Inspired by this rich history, students in this workshop make their own books or zines. Flexible in duration, this highly creative experience invites participants to experiment with visual story-telling and use concepts of curation and montage.This workshop can also be extended into a ‘Point, Shoot and Self-Publish’ course. Usually run over eight weeks, this longer experience enables participants to create a professional standard photobook using point and shoot digital photography, combined with DIY book-publishing. This program focuses on personal photography practice. Each participant develops an individual theme or concept, creates images responding to it and then curates them to form a visual narrative produced as a unique, ‘take-home’ publication.

In this introduction to studio lighting and the principles of portraiture, participants learn about the history of lighting techniques (from Rembrandt to Vogue) and explore concepts of angle, contrast, composition and mood. Students are able to experiment with a range of lighting solutions to create different styles of portraiture, and will gain confidence in independently using a basic lighting kit. Usually run as a half-day or full-day workshop, this experience can also be extended into a longer portraiture course.

This very successful course allows people to tell their own stories in their own voice. Digital storytelling, usually run over eight weeks, provides professional support for the making of a three to five minute short film. Working with Artistic Director Jenni Savigny (Gen S Stories), a photographer and a filmmaker, participants write their own film script, record their own voice-over and create their own images. The classes are fun, safe and highly creative. Digital stories are a simple and powerful way to celebrate people and also their organisations and communities.