Pinhole Photography Workshop

A black and white photograph of a pebbly lake beach with mountains in the background


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Dive into the exciting world of pinhole photography with this one-day immersive course, taught by artist and 2024 photo access Dark Matter resident Claire Paul!

Claire’s practice uniquely combines long-exposure pinhole photography, foraging practices, and screen-printing technologies to capture the deeper essence of ecologies. Her work emphasises a mindful observation of the natural world, favouring the beauty of unpredictable outcomes over technically perfect results.

In this workshop, Claire will guide you through the creation of your own pinhole camera, encouraging you to see and capture the world through a lens of contemplation and connection. You’ll learn how to transform everyday objects into unique photographic tools and engage with the environment in a collaborative, thoughtful manner. Through fieldwork and darkroom sessions, you’ll not only develop technical skills but also cultivate a more mindful presence, grounding yourself in the slow and deliberate process of pinhole photography.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a curious beginner, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to slow down, observe, and create unique, one-of-a-kind images.

Date & Time

Pinhole Photography Workshop runs over a single day at photo access

Saturday August 31st from 10am to 4pm

photo access

30 Manuka Circle, Griffith ACT 2603



Introduction to Pinhole Photography

  • Overview of pinhole photography and camera obscura
  • Historical context and artistic significance
  • Basic principles of how pinhole cameras work

Designing the Camera

  • Selecting the camera vessel
  • Options for camera bodies (e.g., boxes, cans, other containers)
  • Preparing the interior
  • Painting the interior black to prevent light reflection
  • Fitting the pinhole aperture

Lunch Break – Ensuring cameras have enough time to dry

Shooting with Pinhole Cameras

  • Calculating rough exposure times – factors affecting exposure times (e.g., pinhole size, light conditions, paper sensitivity)
  • Simple formulas and rules of thumb for estimating exposure
  • Loading the photographic paper
  • Demonstration on handling and loading photographic paper into the pinhole camera
  • Tips for avoiding light leaks and proper paper placement
  • Taking photographs around Manuka Arts Centre with cameras
  • Recording exposure settings and conditions for reference

Developing Photographs

  • Reconvening at photo access
  • Demonstration of developing paper in the darkroom
  • If enough time, making positive prints from the negatives

Discussion and Review

  • Sharing and discussing results
  • Troubleshooting common issues
  • Tips for improvement and further experimentation

What will be provided?

  • Boxes, cans, or other containers for making pinhole cameras
  • Black paint and brushes for preparing the camera interior
  • Thin metal or aluminium foil for creating the pinhole aperture
  • Needles or pinhole-making tools
  • Tape and adhesives for assembling the camera
  • Scissors
  • Photographic paper
  • Darkroom equipment and chemicals
  • Notebook and pen for recording discoveries

What to bring?

  • Comfortable clothing, including outdoor shoes and weather-appropriate attire
  • A lunch and any snacks you wish to bring (you’re also welcome to purchase food from either Kingston or Manuka shops)
  • Optional: Any additional objects or containers you might want to use as a unique pinhole camera body (containers, large cans, etc.)

The Fine Print

Enrolments for this workshop close at 5pm on Tuesday August 27th, 2024. As a not-for-profit, our financial margins are narrow and classes require a minimum number of participants to run. In the event that PhotoAccess cancels a workshop, refunds will be paid in full or a transfer allowed free of charge. If a class is postponed, we will endeavour to reschedule at a time convenient to enrolled participants.

PhotoAccess will happily refund or transfer workshop fees up to 7 days prior to the start date of the workshop. If less than 7 days’ notice is given, PhotoAccess can offer a partial refund. Alternatively, enrolment can transfer to another workshop plus a $50 transfer fee. If less than 48 hours are given, no refunds or transfers can be given. Please note that memberships purchased in conjunction with a workshop enrolment are non-refundable.