Exhibition Overview

Combining large-scale drawing and video projection, Poisonous investigates the microscopic world of our waterways – a realm invisible to our eyes and critical to our survival. Hutch navigates the complexities surrounding the health of our waterways, looking with awe and wonder at the molecular structure of minerals and microbes that are both toxic poisons and useful contributors to the ecosystem.

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Artist Biography

Ellis Hutch creates drawings, videos, installations, and performances inspired by powerful stories, significant places, and the mechanisms of curiosity and wonder. She questions how people establish social relationships and transform their environments to create inhabitable spaces. Recently Ellis has been paying close attention to the place she lives and works, unceded Ngunnawal, Ngunawal and Ngambri country, investigating the effects of ‘invasive species,’ including humans on the Molonglo river. Ellis completed a PhD in Photography and Media Art at the ANU in 2019 and identifies rigorous research combined with playful approach as core elements in her practice.