Exhibition Overview

Siciliano presents a series of works arising from playful collaborations with photographic materiality, non-human organisms, and natural forces. Fungal networks grow through 35mm negatives documenting landscapes, while moisture softens and encourages the film emulsion to peel. Images emerge at the meeting point of growth and decomposition.

Permeating Ecology explores the value within multispecies collaboration. By Siciliano intentionally relinquishing technical control within her practice, other organisms and natural processes interact with photos away from human influence. The artist becomes just one of the many forces at play in the process of cultivating images.

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Artist Biography

Remi Siciliano is a Sydney-based Photomedia artist exploring the potential to collaborate with other organisms and environments to make images. Siciliano practices Ecological Image-Making, her methodology for embracing and celebrating all the different organisms, materials and forces at play within her work. Collaborative interactions entangle and confuse the divisions between artist, organism, material, subject, object and landscape. Working ecologically dissolves these categories as we know them, and Siciliano’s work begins to imagine future possibilities of relating and collaborating.