Exhibition Overview

Eating Wild Weeds is a collaboration between photographer Alex Flannery and Chinese born Australian poet Ouyang Yu. Images and words combine to investigate seeing, knowing, and experiencing life in another country, engaging questions of visitation, migration, communication and being part of a multi- national family.

Flannery’s photographs reflect his experience as an Australian of Irish descent in the Chinese cities of Xiangyang and Wuhan during 2019. Paired with Ouyang’s poetry recording the immigrant experience in Australia, the exhibition explores the complexities of cross-cultural understanding.

Ouyang Yu's Poetry

Artist Biography

Alex Flannery is a Canberra-based photographer who uses analogue cameras and a smartphone to capture the landscape and its people. He draws inspiration from life around him and a range of writers, including Alice Oswald, JRR Tolkien, Jorge Luis Borges, Emily Bronte and Henry Thoreau.

Flannery grew up near Cowra in central west New South Wales, and his practice focuses on documenting the people, landscapes and animals of the area. He believes that both the places of the region and the people who live in them are not only unique, but also profoundly shape each other.