Exhibition Overview

This exhibition is the outcome of the 2022 Dark Matter Artist Residency. Over the past nine months, artists David Lindesay, Melanie Cobham and Tessa Ivison have explored alternative processes in the photo access darkroom. With each artist embracing unique creative approaches, their collective works navigate identity, memory, and the resonance of place.

David Lindesay

Terraform explores our desire to control the environment and the imprints left by our presence. Lindesay’s photographs, taken to capture the sublimity of the natural world, depict places that appear to exist naturally but are human-made. Reflecting the inherent tension between wild and contrived nature, these photographs are marked, carved, and defaced in a process that intervenes directly into and onto the film.


Melanie Cobham

Earth to Images addresses migration, colonisation and belonging through a conscious observation of nature and its unfolding. After moving to Australia in 2019, and as migration became an increasingly tense subject in the face of the pandemic, Cobham started considering more abstract ways to understand borders, identity and belonging.

The artist surveyed landscape and language, with her work manifesting in the form of drawings, prints, installations, and weavings. Earth to Images embodies the fraught translations between the analogue and the digital, between gesture and image, and between communication and misunderstanding.


Tessa Ivison

Found Perceptions explores the infinite number of ways we can perceive and interpret the world. Traditionally, cameras are used to share a photographer’s perspective. However, in Found Perceptions, Ivison asks what if the camera has its own way of seeing?

The artist has created a series of unique pinhole cameras from found objects, designed to record a single moment from many perspectives. The resulting photographs question common assumptions associated with the medium and how we interpret the world.

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