Artist Statements

  1. Christopher Allery
    Travelling the coastline of the Aomori Prefecture (Japan) via rapid train in Winter, January 2023. Through digital processing, the work created unlocks the intersection of personal memory with the captured image.
  2. Cheryl Bronson
    This image shows an indigenous ochre pit. Infrared photography reveals the ochre’s pigment’s unseen beauty and hidden stories. The photo invites viewers to contemplate the fascinating stories woven into our existence and appreciate the overlooked beauty around us.
  3. Sophie Gabrielle
    This portrait is from a series that explores the symbiotic relationship between mycelium and humans in social and historical contexts. This image looks at lost knowledge and identity through the violent flash upon the subject.
  4. Aidan Gageler
    Loom offers its audience an encounter with photography in its most immediate form, inscribed only (and slowly) by light, time and chemistry. Made without a camera, these works are ungoverned by intelligible markers
  5. Jesse Egner
  6. Sari Sutton
    Using perforated, eroding protective paper from a vintage photo album, ‘Protection’ questions our attempts to isolate and preserve ‘pristine’ wild spaces without viewing the global ecosystem as an inextricably interconnected whole.
  7. Dave Carswell
    This work continues my interest in the political ecology of the Kanamaula estuary. The methodology involves producing landscape photographs and sitting the film at the tide line for a week before returning to the work and developing the work
  8. David Lindesay
    A silent witness to fermenting time. This negative was buried within the slopes of Mt Ainslie for the 2023-24 Summer, a somewhat wet one for Canberra. It has been imprinted with a portrait of place, and carries the mapping and memory of what it saw.
  9. Wilhelm Philipp
    This series visualises the Caretaker’s six-part musical masterpiece, Everywhere At The End Of Time, described as ‘dementia with sound.’ It brings to life the six different stages from the perspective of a patient with Alzheimer’s.
  10. Hilary Wardhaugh
    January 3, 2024, these 12 x 8×10″ images are a solemn tribute to the 24,000 lives lost in Gaza by that date. Each lumen print has approximately 2000 dots that capture the essence of those who perished, inviting viewers to reflect on the profound impact of violence and loss.
  11. Aia Solis
    Embroidery on photograph, 10cm x 20cm, to form patterns one can hold on to, reclaiming a sense of self—something that often gets lost.
  12. Ryan Dandelion
    This image of the fine artist Nix Francia was shot on expired Aerochrome from the early 2000s, which melted during drying due to emulsion decay
  13. Alex Flannery
    This work combines analogue photos with a digital image into one totemic memento mori. The parts – wombat hole, bonfire and a dingo – create a dark resonance. By repeating and mirroring parts it expresses the reality of nature. AJ Baker in his wonderful book
  14. Alison Ford
    The morning light enters my daughter’s apartment, creating a reflection on the glass that blends with the view of the urban skyline. As a photographer, I enjoy capturing rare moments like this with minimal editing required.
  15. Adam Luckhurst
  16. Damian Dillon
    CC looks at the natural architectures we inhabit, in particular, colonial erasure The UV digital print on Perspex enforces the active distress of place hood as post-colonial commodity in an intervening act of visual dis(repair).
  17. Fiona Henderson
    Fused aromatherapy vials, recovered by the photographer from a ruined home near Bermagui after the bushfires of 2019. Contemplating the grief of loss, the beauty of survival and the alchemy of change.
  18. Isobel Markus-Dunworth
    This image is from a walk on Dharawal country, collecting washed-up seaweed and fallen bark. The polyphenol compounds from these materials are extracted into a photographic developer which was used to process the prints in the darkroom. Different compounds reduce silver halides in different ways, resulting in tonal ranges and stains specific to the source. In this sense, the materials and energetic potential of the site is reconstituted into an agent in it’s own visualisation.
  19. Brenda Runnegar
    The figure has been digitally inserted into the photograph, providing opportunities to distort the light and scale. My aim is to transport the viewer into an imaginary world,
  20. Brett Leigh Dicks
    The Marcoo Nuclear Test was conducted at Maralinga in 1956.
  21. Rozalind Drummond
  22. Michelle Ferreira
    My daughter interacts with her surroundings through mirrors in the landscape, creating a configuration of real and surreal. The disembodiment communicates the complexity of climate anxiety, and the lenticular movement conveys the transience of time in nature.
  23. Claire Letitia Reynolds
    This work is part of a series about resilience and identity. It merges the critical link between memory and the natural environment, cultural preservation and technology, through the use of instant film, digital photography and hand-dyed Eucalyptus paper.
  24. Joel Markham
    I created this portrait of Steve at a gallery in Wagga. Steve is holding a self-portrait by Pete, who studies painting at the gallery with Leigh. Leigh had asked Pete to think about Derain’s portrait of Matisse, and Pete embraced Leigh’s challenge and delivered.
  25. Kathy Mackey
    Mackey explores conceptual similarities and differences between analogue and digital mark-making in this work and alludes to physical and chemical relationships between water and paper. This research considers the theoretical and visual possibilities of what was originally an en plein air field QLD.
  26. Lisa Stonham
  27. Carolyn Craig
    My work uses performance to understand imaging processes and embodied conceptions of self.
  28. Grace Costa
    I never expected to find myself taking photos of my dear friend as she battled breast cancer. It was important to capture her transformation in a single frame, as she reflects on the challenges she has faced and uses them as fuel to discover her inner strength.
  29. Orlando Luminere
    With a ‘junk’ camera obscura handmade from discarded household items, a dreamlike and otherworldly view is created.
  30. Zorica Purlija
    This latest work focuses on connection to the landscape. It builds visceral surface texture through glitch and superimposition, at once an intervention of traditional landscape photography and an encounter with the multiplicity of sensations.
  31. Neale Stratford
    My photograph merges Australian folklore and popular culture, juxtaposing Ned Kelly and Bluey. It explores the interplay between history and contemporary narratives in our cultural consciousness through iconic imagery.
  32. Andrew Tan
    From the series: “Experimental transmissions to another dimension” A series probing alternative realities, imagining the physics of crossing from one dimension to another.
  33. Tess Ivison
    This image is part of an ongoing project to convert Canberra’s iconic brutalist bus shelters into camera obscuras, highlighting how humans interact with the environment—both natural and built.
  34. George Calvelo
    Before flying out, I spent several rolls of film documenting our remaining months in the Philippines. Coming here, I re-exposed them to juxtapose these memories to our new life in Canberra. The cold weather, the deafening silence that I welcome, and building a new life full of uncertainties.
  35. Michelle Burrows
    A night with the Fashion students, post runway strut. Darcey was on the runway for a fellow Diploma of Fashion student, modelling the collection “Erratic Organic”. After the show she changed into something more comfortable..including a hat that she designed and created herself
  36. Lisa Jayne Cramer
    From my series, ‘YOUR child, MY child, EVERYONE’S Child’, to express how grief makes demands on us, that she carries his grief. A very silent, personal journey into grief for a child that never happened, proposing dense ideas about a reformulated family structure.
  37. Claire Manning
    Glimpse diminishing sight through the imperfections in this contemporary portrait photograph. Experiment with light, spots & darkness. My sighted privilege informs creative practice.
  38. Caleb Arcifa
    This Sonant Autograph showcases the subject and their intrinsic human nature. Using sound to augment the photographic process, the print is ‘signed’ by the sitters unique sonic identity. The ephemeral portrait captures more than a visual likeness, questioning the notion of the self in this AI age.
  39. Adam Lynch
    As part of a series, this work uses the world underneath us as a mirror for the universe above us, reminding us again that the humble existence of the Earth is intrinsically linked to the push and pull of forces of a much larger design.
  40. Remi Siciliano
    This photo is from a roll of 35mm film that was exposed to a soil sample from Burnt Bridge Creek, after being shot through a camera at the site. Particles of dirt matter stick to the surface of the film, and fungus from the soil begins to consume and grow through the emulsion. The photograph becomes a lively three-dimensional terrain, transforming and entirely obscuring the images that I had taken of the site. Instead, a strange, craterous topography emerges from within the emulsion, as the landscape renders its own image.
  41. Sherry Zheng
    Chun-Yin Rainbow Chan is the name of this Naarm-based interdisciplinary artist. Here she is portrayed with her live gig set up. These instruments appear to be in her orbit, whilst Rainbow herself mid-dance appears suspended, as if pulled by a piece of string.
  42. Cat Sparks
    Entry Berlin, decollage of 2 digital photographs celebrating ‘affiches lacerees’ style, shots taken in April 2023 wandering around Andreasviertel, Berlin.
  43. Colin MacDougall
  44. Damien Laing
    A photo of the Lohri festival at the Sri Durga Temple in Rockbank, Victoria part of a long term project looking at places of worship in urban sprawl.
  45. Sarah Lee
  46. Claire Conroy
    This artwork is part of a series using lens-less photographic material, combining pinhole photographs, photograms and darkroom experiments to explore image making.
  47. Fernanda Pedroso
    In a rapidly evolving world driven by technological advancements, the relationship between technology and humanity is transforming the society not always in a good way. Part of a series call unBECOMING.
  48. Gavin Libotte
    Jama Masjid – Part of a series shot in India called Empire Of Souls Flash and ICM
  49. Heidi Margocsy
    A magnificent moment with Sheila.
  50. Sophie Dohnt
    This image was taken with a large-format camera and silver gelatin paper and processed in an alternative development made from tree bark, giving it an earthly luminescent glow that evokes a human yearning for connection.