How to Shoot Film Event


Join us on March 27th for a two-hour session to learn how to shoot film, perfect for budding photographers. This is presented in partnership with the esteemed photo access Film Lab, and caters to both SLR and disposable camera users. It offers essential insights tailored for beginners, making it an excellent opportunity to demystify the art of capturing memorable moments on analog film.

During this session, you’ll learn the fundamentals of metering, discover key principles for exposing negative film, and explore the magic of using flash to enhance your shots. You’ll also dive into disposable cameras, uncovering tips for better results and creative possibilities. This event covers everything you need to know in a beginner-friendly format, from understanding film advance spacing to caring for your film and navigating expired film.

If you’re looking to kickstart your film photography journey and elevate your skills, don’t miss out on this event. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn the basics in just two hours.

Time & Date

March 27th at photo access from 6:30-8:30 pm

30 Manuka Circle, Griffith ACT