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Thank you and Happy Holidays
We wish all of our members and friends a happy and safe holiday period and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

PhotoAccess will be closed from Sunday 21 December 2014 to Monday 5 January 2015 (inclusive). The Huw Davies Gallery will be closed until 29 January 2015.

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(Image: Mel Edwards, Detail of a ceiling canopy, National Gallery of Australia (detail), 2013, Inkjet print)

CAPITAL LENS | A selection of works from the 100 Views of Canberra collection
November 2014 - April 2015
Promenade Cafe, Hyatt Hotel Canberra
120 Commonwealth Avenue, Canberra, ACT

Showcasing work by: Edwin Bien, Emily Davidson, Mel Edwards, Rebecca Hanrahan, Paul Jurak, Dean Klemick, Carolyn Larcombe, Christine Rufflet and Jennie Widowson.

Launch event 4pm Friday 28 November 2014, Promenade Cafe, Hyatt Hotel Canberra.

Capital Lens is an exhibition of nine works from the PhotoAccess 100 Views of Canberra collection, curated by PhotoAccess for the Promenade Cafe at Hyatt Hotel Canberra. Published in 2013, the 100 Views of Canberra project exists in two formats; as a book and as a collection of exhibition quality prints, showcasing the work of over 100 photographers. This important and insightful project documents the grand, not so grand, and human faces of Canberra in its Centenary year. All works are printed on A3+ paper. Click here for more information on the Capital Lens exhibition.

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On Film
A 2015 PhotoAccess members' exhibition

Our upcoming members exhibition On Film aims to celebrate and explore the possibilities and parameters of film. Shooting on film is often seen as a lost art, but many photographers and photo-based artists still engage with film in their work, whether by using traditional or alternative darkroom processes, pinhole cameras, black-and-white aesthetics, or moving-image works. Even digital photography retains a relationship to the legacy of film. In this exhibition, we invite members to consider the role of film, and to creatively address the theme through film-based photography, or photo-based artwork referencing film.

We encourage members to take advantage of our darkroom and courses in making their work, or book in for a darkroom coaching session. We will also be running a darkroom course to coincide with On Film, encouraging members to rekindle their engagement with the mercurial world of darkroom processing.

On Film will run from 29 January to 22 February 2015. Completed online entry forms and a payment of $30 are due by Tuesday 13 January 2015. Click here to enter.