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(Image: Elly Freer)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery
At A Loss by Evan Baden, Dean Butters, Aimee Fitzgerald, Elly Freer & Emily Jackett | Curated by Dean Butters

Opening 6pm Thursday 27 August 2015: To be opened by Dr Martyn Jolly, Head of Photography and Media Arts, Australian National University School of Art.

Exhibition dates 27 August - 20 September 2015.

At A Loss explores the relationship between identity and the spaces we use to define that identity. At A Loss showcases works by Evan Baden (USA), Aimee Fitzgerald (Sydney), Dean Butters (Melbourne), Elly Freer (Melbourne) and Emily Jackett (Melbourne). Through the prism of accelerating technologies, and changing worldviews, the artists explore gender, geography, culture, memory, relationships and the self.

Evan Baden (USA) engages with the new intimacy that image sharing and digital technology has created in his series Technically Intimate. The works are reinterpretations of found imagery, posted online, probably without the senders’ knowledge. Baden addresses intimacy and the illusions of privacy that we still hold onto despite profound shifts in medium, transmission and security.

In Photorealism, Aimee Fitzgerald explores the tension between painting and photography as representational mediums, using intimate portraits to draw out dissonant attitudes to authenticity, artistic value and the depiction of beauty. The work interrogates our disparate reactions to photographs and paintings that painstakingly recreate photographs.

Emily Jackett's series Myth explores identity through the difference and repetition of memory. Nostalgia is used as a medium through which to continually reconstruct the self, retracing the remembered differences with overlapping lines to define ourselves. We continually retrace relationships to places, times and people, even our past selves; Reconstructing identity through echoes and ensembles of multiplicities.

Elly Freer's work Hanging Rock uses the film Picnic a Hanging Rock as an entry point through which to engage with ideas around a woman's place, as a guest, within the male environment. The work uses gothic imagery to invoke a sense of ill-ease within a space, an intense awareness of one's sexuality, and the ownership and violation of one's own body.

In I'm Not Made Of Successful Things Dean Butters uses the minimalist landscape of the Tonlé sap Lake in Cambodia, to engage with notions of value, privilege and success.

Probing the fragile and multi-faceted nature of the photographic image, these artists explore the changing culture and character of identity and connection today. Catalogue

Public programs
2pm Saturday 29 August, exhibition talk with artist and curator Dean Butters.

(Image: Emily Jackett, Myth (detail), inkjet print)

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(Image: Rebecca Worth, detail from The Grief Soliloquies series, 2014. Rebecca Worth is a 2015 PhotoAccess emerging artist-in-residence.)

2016 Residency and Exhibition

PhotoAccess is excited to launch Double Exposure, a residency program offering one interstate mid-career artist a nine-month opportunity to produce new work for an exhibition and public program in 2016. Produced in partnership with Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres (AGAC), Double Exposure supports the creation of new and innovative photo-based work. Priority will be given to artists who work experimentally, or who involved (or are wanting to introduce) cross-disciplinary elements, for example performance or installation. The residency aims to introduce one artist to ACT audiences, and to contribute to public awareness of photomedia practice in a national and expanded art context.

The residency runs over the course of nine months (March-November 2016), with seven weeks accommodation provided in Canberra at the Gorman Arts Centre ArtSit, to be apportioned at the artists’ discretion (in consultation with the AGAC). As well as the opportunity to create new work, the artist will participate in three events: an ‘In Conversation’ event, performance or workshop at Gorman Arts Centre, a talk or technical demonstration at PhotoAccess, and a solo exhibition at PhotoAccess in November 2016. The artist will have multiple opportunities to engage with the public, present their practice and exchange ideas with ACT artists and audiences.

The residency includes a stipend of $2,500, a materials allowance of $700, and a total travel budget of up to $1,660 to be provided over the course of the residency.

Applicants must submit an application form including a 1 page proposal for their residency project, a current CV and up to 10 JPEG images of recent work. Application form available here.

Applications close 5pm Wednesday 28th October 2015. Applicants will be notified of the outcome in mid November 2015.

This project is funded by the ACT Government's 2016 Arts Residencies ACT Program.

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(image: Kate Luke, [Duck Rescue team await the start of the 2013 Duck hunting season, Victoria Australia])

A 2015 PhotoAccess members' exhibition

Our next members’ exhibition aims to pack a punch! PhotoACTIVISM will showcase photography as a persuasive and passionate medium. Photography can change perspectives, illuminate hidden truths, and challenge expectations. For our final members’ exhibition for 2015, we are calling for powerful images and images with intent.

PhotoACTIVISM aims to show works that make political or social statements, communicate important human experiences, prompt us to action, or activate our senses. Making our lived histories, stories and ideas visible.

PhotoAccess was established in 1984 as a community organisation providing affordable and accessible facilities and encouraging the use of photography to achieve personal and political growth. It is with this in mind that we invite new and existing members to creatively address the theme, PhotoACTIVISM, through photography and photo-based art.

In the lead-up to PhotoACTIVISM, we encourage members to take advantage of courses and workshops. A full list is available online here. Working on film? Take advantage of our darkroom subscriptions and free access days, details available here.

PhotoACTIVISM will run from 24 September to 18 October 2015. Completed online entry forms and a payment of $30 are due by 5pm Friday 11 September 2015. Click here to enter.